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Focus on Structure vs. Financial Engineering:


Holding Period:


  • Dividends (cash flow or debt recapitalization)
  • Reinvesting in business
  • ​Exit at right time

Returns Generated Through:

Industry Focus:

  • Generational shift
  • Management / partner buy-out
  • ​Industry consolidations
  • ​Growth capital
  • Growth oriented platforms with a strong management in-place or opportunity where we can provide support
  • Majority investments or select super minority investments with appropriate structure and minority rights 


  • Revenue: $5 to $50 million
  • ​EBITDA: $1 to $8 million
  • Protect principal / downside while positioning for upside participation
  • Low leverage initially

Bearing Partners makes both majority and minority investments in growth oriented companies.  We seek to make long-term investments partnering with strong management teams, encouraging equity rollover by sellers and opportunity for equity participation by management.  We have a differentiated approach and focus on creating the optimal structure instead of financial engineering, often times resulting in low leverage and no required holding period.  We are a hands on, yet flexible investor with a goal of backing the right individuals to fuel long-term growth and expansion by leveraging our industry networks, operational experience and financial resources.

  • Generalist across a broad range of industries
  • ​Previous investments / transactions include: Industrial & Manufacturing, Consumer Products & Services, Business Services, Oil & Gas, Real Estate, Technology, among others


Investment Type:

Investment Structure:


  • No required holding period allows for exit at right time for each situation
  • Companies headquartered in the U.S.